“I cannot recommend Dr. Michael Nejat strongly enough. He’s everything you want in a surgeon – smart, patient, compassionate, thorough and a great communicator – he listens to you and answers your questions. Dr. Nejat corrected my vision via cataract surgery and I couldn’t be happier. He gave me lens that allowed for both near and far vision without any need for glasses. After wearing contact lenses for 20+ years I can only say I wish I had gone to Dr. Nejat much sooner. I am able to read, drive, work on computer screens – all without any corrective lenses. I can’t thank Dr. Nejat enough. If you are considering eye surgery of any kind, or just need a good eye doctor – make an appointment to see Dr. Nejat. You will be very happy you did. Your eyes are precious and deserve the best care.


“Dear Dr. Nejat,

Sorry, this letter is long overdue. How do you express how extremely grateful you are to the person responsible for giving you the greatest gift? About a year ago your knowledge, professionalism and ability to see and address what others could not saved my life. I hope you understand how appreciative I am that your receptionist felt bad for me while I was crying on the phone and squeezed me in that Friday. When you saw me, you knew right away that something was seriously wrong and went above and beyond to assure that I saw the appropriate people and got the help I needed. You are a wonderful Doctor and a compassionate and caring person.

If not for you I probably would not be here today, and I cannot Thank You enough for that. You have given my husband, family and I this year and many more together. I know that the words Thank You will never truly express all that I feel, but I hope you understand the depth of emotion and gratitude they contain.

Thank You for all that you do!

“My visit was one of the most pleasant experiences when seeing any kind of doctor. The staff was exceptionally attentive as soon as you walk in the door. The staff was very knowledgeable and warm. They walked me through all the procedures and then was seen by the doctor (Dr David Gerstenfeld ) He explained everything that was done and diagnosed my issue to the T! He provided further follow examinations that were required and provided his recommendations as to where to go. I highly recommend this office. Special thanks to Operations Manager Joe Marino for his assistance, recommendation and follow up after my testing. Two thumbs up to everyone at the Hylan Blvd Office, you were all great.”

“Visited today for my check up to monitor my eye pressure. No other practice can compare. The professionalism, compassion and dedication to patients will not be found elsewhere. The type of doctor patient care you find in this practice is not typical of today’s times. Consider yourself blessed to be a patient. I will continue to travel to remain a patient of Dr. Michael Nejat. Thanks Dr. Nejat and staff for all you do everyday for your patients. Happy Holidays.

– E.M.”

“Dr. Nejat has been my eye doctor for many years but after many years of normal routine eye care visits, I recently developed high eye pressure. Dr. Nejat is monitoring my situation checking on me again in a few months. I write this review now because with this recent new development, I am able to see how well he cares for his patients from those with normal preventive care to now a patient with an eye issue. He is reassuring and informative at the same time while being a wonderful diagnostician. Dr. Nejat is able to figure out what is wrong with a test as a back up if needed, but his knowledge and expertise is always on the money. He works with patients with insurance issues as I now can attest to and I am overwhelmed by his compassion. I came home tonight speechless with gratitude.”

“I cannot begin to express the fantastic experience I had! Dr Gerstenfeld’s staff was pleasant, organized and every single detail was paid attention to from beginning to end. The surgery was quick and painless and my vision was clear immediately after. I recommend Dr Gerstenfeld very highly to anyone seeking top of the line treatment and results. He is a great surgeon. Thank you, Doc!!

– E.M.”

“Great doctor! Dr Nejat! He did my cataract surgery. I was going to a different doctor on the Island who told me I had glaucoma and kept on giving me drops that I was allergic to. I went to see the good doctor because my eyes were red and irritated. He got me off the drops that were destroying my eyes. (I also didn’t even have glaucoma!!!). Then he diagnosed my cataract. 20/20 in both eyes! I love this man!!

– E.R.”

“I wish I could give Dr Nejat 10 stars! He is a sweetheart! He has been taking care of me and my family since he started working in Staten Island. Everyone I know talks about how wonderful he is. He takes his time with me and always keeps my best interest in mind. Bless this wonderful man!

– A.C.”

“Dr. Nejat is the best!!! I saw him based on a recommendation from my primary care doctor. I had blurry vision for about 2 months and he diagnosed me with a cataract. He went over everything and made sure all my questions were answered. He offered me a choice between premium lenses and the standard lens (he said he would do my surgery regardless of what lens I chose). After discussing it with my family, I decided to choose the symfony lens so I wouldn’t be as dependent on reading glasses. It is now 1 month after my surgery and I couldn’t be happier. My entire experience at his offices has been a pleasure. His office staff is very professional and helpful. I have already recommended him to my friends and family and have thanked my doctor for referring him to me.

– S.G.”

“I recommend Dr. Nejat without reservation. He performed surgery to correct cataracts in both eyes and the experience was flawless. I commend him for both his extraordinary general skill and remarkable judgment with my complicated situation. I could not be happier with the results. While I could offer numerous examples, I will just mention that now I can easily see street signs, day and night, the date function on my watch, and iPhone’s smallest fonts. All those thick glasses are in the trash. I have a whole new outlook on life, literally. He and his staff are also very courteous and personable. Thank you Dr. Nejat!

– J.S., Staten Island”

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