Testimonial 22

“In April 2021 my optometrist told me I had cataracts and would know when to have them removed. In June 2021 I knew I had to do something. I live on the north shore of Staten Island and didn’t want to travel too far. Searching my insurance provider’s website and checking reviews, I discovered Island […]

Testimonial 21

“I cannot recommend Dr. Michael Nejat strongly enough. He’s everything you want in a surgeon – smart, patient, compassionate, thorough and a great communicator – he listens to you and answers your questions. Dr. Nejat corrected my vision via cataract surgery and I couldn’t be happier. He gave me lens that allowed for both near […]

Testimonial 20

“Dear Dr. Nejat, Sorry, this letter is long overdue. How do you express how extremely grateful you are to the person responsible for giving you the greatest gift? About a year ago your knowledge, professionalism and ability to see and address what others could not saved my life. I hope you understand how appreciative I […]

Testimonial 19

“My visit was one of the most pleasant experiences when seeing any kind of doctor. The staff was exceptionally attentive as soon as you walk in the door. The staff was very knowledgeable and warm. They walked me through all the procedures and then was seen by the doctor (Dr David Gerstenfeld ) He explained […]

Testimonial 18

“Visited today for my check up to monitor my eye pressure. No other practice can compare. The professionalism, compassion and dedication to patients will not be found elsewhere. The type of doctor patient care you find in this practice is not typical of today’s times. Consider yourself blessed to be a patient. I will continue […]

Testimonial 17

“Dr. Nejat has been my eye doctor for many years but after many years of normal routine eye care visits, I recently developed high eye pressure. Dr. Nejat is monitoring my situation checking on me again in a few months. I write this review now because with this recent new development, I am able to […]

Testimonial 16

“I cannot begin to express the fantastic experience I had! Dr Gerstenfeld’s staff was pleasant, organized and every single detail was paid attention to from beginning to end. The surgery was quick and painless and my vision was clear immediately after. I recommend Dr Gerstenfeld very highly to anyone seeking top of the line treatment […]

Testimonial 15

“Great doctor! Dr Nejat! He did my cataract surgery. I was going to a different doctor on the Island who told me I had glaucoma and kept on giving me drops that I was allergic to. I went to see the good doctor because my eyes were red and irritated. He got me off the […]

Testimonial 14

“I wish I could give Dr Nejat 10 stars! He is a sweetheart! He has been taking care of me and my family since he started working in Staten Island. Everyone I know talks about how wonderful he is. He takes his time with me and always keeps my best interest in mind. Bless this […]

Testimonial 13

“Dr. Nejat is the best!!! I saw him based on a recommendation from my primary care doctor. I had blurry vision for about 2 months and he diagnosed me with a cataract. He went over everything and made sure all my questions were answered. He offered me a choice between premium lenses and the standard […]


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