“I brought my mom here for a cataract evaluation. She was told by her optician that she couldn’t be helped by new glasses anymore. Dr. Nejat gave my mom and me a detailed explanation of what was going on and how he could help her. Two weeks later she is smiling and singing Dr. Nejat’s praises! Meanwhile everyone who I know already knows what a great doctor he is!! Thank You Dr. Nejat for helping my mom. Bless you!!”

“Wonderful experience. I had Prk surgery last month by Dr. Nejat and now I have. 20/15 vision in both eyes. I was impressed on how hands on he was with me and did everything himself. He never dished me out on one of his staff members. He even gave me his cell number. I definitely recommend him if you are interested in fixing your vision.”

“I recently went into the Hylan Blvd office for a new treatment called Blephex, and I couldn’t be happier with Christina who performed it! She was extremely personable and professional and did a great job! She explained every step of the process as she went along and was very gently in the application of the treatment. It was done with the utmost care and went very smoothly. I would highly recommend Christina, Dr. Nejat and this practice (especially Joe, the operations manager!)

– S.S.”

“Dr Nejat is excellent so sweet caring and listens Thank you for all you do. Wouldn’t trust anyone else with my eyesight.

– J. R-C.”

“I have been coming to this practice for many years. Today I saw Dr. Nejat and there was a change in my eye health for the first time. He thoroughly examined my eyes, reassured me that my condition is treatable and assured me that even despite my insurance situation, he would work with me to ensure that I get optimal care to correct the issue going on. I couldn’t be more pleased with the care I always get at this practice. Patients are treated with dignity, compassion and respect while receiving the highest level of medical care.

– E.M.”

“FIVE starts aren’t enough for this wonderful practice. I went to Dr. Nejat for a Lasik/PRK consultation and walked out knowing even if I decided not to have the procedure that I had found an excellent Ophthalmologist that I would continue to see.

After a thorough exam Dr. Nejat fully explained the Lasik and PRK procedures in full detail to me he answered all of my questions and concerns.

After a few weeks of decision-making and a follow up where Dr. Nejat even offered me a better quality contact lense then I was currently wearing as an option instead of surgery I scheduled my PRK procedure. Everything went great and it was the best decision I ever made.

I would recommend Dr. Nejat to anyone interested in laser eye surgery or in need of an excellent Ophthalmologist.

– F.E.”

“I can’t thank Dr. Nejat and all the staff at Island Eye Surgery. I am twenty-five years old and wore glasses for as long as I can remember. I started wearing contacts at the age of thirteen. After years of constantly being in pain, dry eyes and numerous infections I never thought it was possible to rehabilitate my eyes. The last draw was a little over a year ago, I had red rings around my cornea, my vision was blurry and my right eye couldn’t fully open. Being recommended to Dr. Nejat was the best thing that could ever happen. He couldn’t believe how damaged my eyes were and even saw crater like indents in my eyes from years of infections. He immediately told me strictly wear my glasses, put drops in multiple times a day and go for frequent visits. About a month later I was recommended the PRK surgery. PRK is like lasik eye surgery except for a few extra steps, this was the better choice being my eyes were so badly damaged. The surgery was not even an hour ! He guided me during the procedure which put my mind at ease. I was instantly able to see, it was painless, and the healing process was a couple of days. He gave me strict instruction for post PRK surgery and everything went amazing. It’s such an amazing feeling to wake up in the morning and be able to see! I would recommend anyone to Island eyes especially those like myself who suffer from the chronic and painful dry/red eyes from contact lenses. Thanks again Island Eye Surgery.

– A.F.”

“I recently had the opportunity to visit Staten Island University Hospital South on two occasions and I would like to report my experiences there. Dr. Michael Nejat is my eye surgeon and in my opinion he is the absolute best. He is as professional as they get. He is caring, attentive and an expert in his field and I would highly recommend him to everyone.

With that said, my experience at the hospital was another positive one. I had cataract extraction with intraocular lens implant on my right eye last Thursday 8/18 and the same on my left eye yesterday, 8/25. On both instances I encountered only positive practices while in the hospital. From upon entering the hospital, I was greeted at the front desk and I was advised where to proceed to ambulatory admission. The woman in admission was friendly and courteous. She was fast and she reassured my nerves, telling me that all will go well.

After that, I directly went up to the ambulatory department which is where I spent the most time. That is when I encountered the nicest group of nursing professionals that I ever had the pleasure of meeting. The nursing staff helped walk me through each preparatory step of the procedure. They were patient and upbeat. They even made my friend feel comfortable. Their passion and their ability along with their love of helping others was obvious.

Finally, upon entering the operating waiting area I was immediately welcomed by the nursing team, Dr. Nejat, and the anesthesiologists. The surgical staff was kind and each specialist was reassuring to me. One by one I was approached and understood, especially when I stressed my concerns regarding my allergy to Benadryl. The anesthesiologists kindly explained that he had everything under control. He understood my anxiety and his reassurance was comforting to me. Furthermore, I believe that in order for anything to run smoothly in requires great leadership and that is what I found with Dr. Nejat. Before, during and after my procedures Dr. Nejat was there for me. I am so appreciative to him. I will never forgot this life changing experience. Today, I am seeing crystal clear, glasses and contact free and I am elated. The dedication of my needs were met by Dr. Nejat and each and every one of the staff members I came in contact with at your facility. I cannot stress how very grateful I am to Dr. Nejat and all of the professionals at Staten Island University Hospital South.

Thank you again and God bless you all.

With Sincerity,

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