Cataract Surgery

What is a cataract?

A cataract is a cloudy area in the lens in the front of the eye. There is no pain associated with the condition but there are other symptoms, including:

  • Blurred/hazy vision
  • Spots in front of the eye(s)
  • Sensitivity to glare
  • A feeling of “film” over the eye(s)

Dr. Gerstenfeld and Dr. Nejat perform a state of the art version of cataract surgery commonly known as no stitch, no patch surgery. In this technique (pictured below), the cataract is removed using an ultrasound probe that enters the eye through a tiny 2 millimeter incision in the cornea. The cataract is broken up and vacuumed out and then an intraocular lens implant is placed.

Cataract Visual Simulator

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The procedure is quick and painless, with no needles required around the eye. The eye is numbed with eye drops only and there is no need for a patch postoperatively. The vision begins to recover within minutes and most patients recover excellent vision within a few days. A full return to normal activities is possible the next day.

All procedures are performed by Dr. Gerstenfeld and Dr. Nejat at Staten Island University Hospital’s eye surgery suite, South location, using the latest technology and equipment. If you think you may have a cataract, call and schedule an appointment with our doctors.

Another potential option for patients who want to be less dependent on glasses is called monovision. One eye is corrected for distance and the other eye for reading. Many people adapt well to this setup. Ask Dr Gerstenfeld or Dr Nejat if this choice may be right for you.

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Cataract Surgery Eltingville
Cataract Surgery Eltingville

Dr. Gerstenfeld performing no stitch, no patch cataract surgery.

Cataract Surgery Eltingville
Cataract Surgery Eltingville

The operating room at Staten Island University Hospital’s cataract surgery suite.

Cataract Surgery Eltingville
Cataract Surgery Eltingville

Dr. Nejat performing cataract surgery

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