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“I can’t thank Dr. Nejat and all the staff at Island Eye Surgery. I am twenty-five years old and wore glasses for as long as I can remember. I started wearing contacts at the age of thirteen. After years of constantly being in pain, dry eyes and numerous infections I never thought it was possible to rehabilitate my eyes. The last draw was a little over a year ago, I had red rings around my cornea, my vision was blurry and my right eye couldn’t fully open. Being recommended to Dr. Nejat was the best thing that could ever happen. He couldn’t believe how damaged my eyes were and even saw crater like indents in my eyes from years of infections. He immediately told me strictly wear my glasses, put drops in multiple times a day and go for frequent visits. About a month later I was recommended the PRK surgery. PRK is like lasik eye surgery except for a few extra steps, this was the better choice being my eyes were so badly damaged. The surgery was not even an hour ! He guided me during the procedure which put my mind at ease. I was instantly able to see, it was painless, and the healing process was a couple of days. He gave me strict instruction for post PRK surgery and everything went amazing. It’s such an amazing feeling to wake up in the morning and be able to see! I would recommend anyone to Island eyes especially those like myself who suffer from the chronic and painful dry/red eyes from contact lenses. Thanks again Island Eye Surgery.

– A.F.”


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