Testimonial 20

“Dear Dr. Nejat,

Sorry, this letter is long overdue. How do you express how extremely grateful you are to the person responsible for giving you the greatest gift? About a year ago your knowledge, professionalism and ability to see and address what others could not saved my life. I hope you understand how appreciative I am that your receptionist felt bad for me while I was crying on the phone and squeezed me in that Friday. When you saw me, you knew right away that something was seriously wrong and went above and beyond to assure that I saw the appropriate people and got the help I needed. You are a wonderful Doctor and a compassionate and caring person.

If not for you I probably would not be here today, and I cannot Thank You enough for that. You have given my husband, family and I this year and many more together. I know that the words Thank You will never truly express all that I feel, but I hope you understand the depth of emotion and gratitude they contain.

Thank You for all that you do!


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