Testimonial 01

“Dear Dr. Gerstenfeld:

I know I already told you this in person, but sometimes it is good to memorialize one’s sentiments in writing especially those that compliment rather than complain.

The first day I walked into your office for an appointment with you was on that wonderful day your office switched to a new computer system (Lol!). I was very impressed that your staff, who had to deal with numerous computer glitches along with patients whose appointments were delayed as a result of those glitches, remained extremely calm, courteous and very professional and made every effort to perform their duties. In turn, it had a very calming and reassuring effect on me and I felt confident that I chose the right place and doctor/surgeon because I believe that the staff is a reflection of their employer. Any interaction that I have had with your staff since that day has been consistently very professional, courteous and very pleasant. Your staff is well trained, well organized and they appear to do their jobs very well.

Kudos to you, your associates and your practice administrator Joseph Marino for a job well done.

I must also express that I was very impressed with you not only as a doctor/surgeon but also as a person. From the moment you walked into the examining room, you made me feel at ease. You explained everything very clearly and answered my questions; you spoke with me not at me; you treated me as a person not just a number. You are a very caring doctor.

My thanks to you and your staff for taking such good care of me and my eyes.

– M.S.”


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